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Affordable Elegance / Superb Stability / Incredible Comfort


Friendship Luxury Dance Shoes offers a custom shoe service, so that you can get the exact shoe you desire. For a small fee, we will work with you to fit you in the colour, heel height and strap construction that you wish for. 
- Color - $10
Love our shoes but want a different colour to match a dress or costume? No problem! Simply contact us and find out if we can make the pair to your colour choice! Colour options include Tan, Dark Tan, Black, Hot Pink, Pink, Red, Blue, Purple, Deep Red
- Heels - 
Whether you prefer a lower or higher heel, we can customise your favourite shoe to your liking. Heel heights range from 1.25 to 3.3 inches, and from a wide to stiletto width. Heels options include 1.25" Cuban heel (west-coast swing), 2" flared heel, 2.2" thick heel, 2.7" flared heel and 3.3" flared heel 
- Width - $10
Narrow-Fitting / Medium-Fitting / Wide-Fitting / Extra Wide Fitting
- Rubber sole - $10
Additional rubber sole provides extra comfy when you dance and allows you to walk on the street. 
- Example -  
Original style - Spin Dark Tan in 2.7" heels 
$115 + $20 shipping = $135
Customised style - Spin Style in 3.3" heels and red colour 
$120 + $10 customised colour + $20 shipping = $145
~Please provide the measurement of your feet in width and length when you place customised order. For sizing issues, you may exchange your shoes within 7 business days of you receiving the product. No refunds are allowed.~